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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 2022 MAI SSTV

The Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) will be conducting an SSTV experiment on June 8 and 9 during ISS orbits over Moscow. The scheduled times are listed below and the expected mode is the traditional PD120 using 145.800 MHz as the downlink frequency. This will be the first time the experiment will use the recently installed D710GA in the Service Module.

June 8 – Setup and activation between 09:45-10:15 UTC. Stop about 15:00 UTC

June 9 – Start about 08:35 UTC. Conclusion of experiment about 16:15 UTC

**UPDATE** June 7
Looks like the times have shifted a bit and for the end of day one as it has gotten shorter.

June 8 – Setup and activation between 09:35-10:15 UTC. Stop about 14:20 UTC

June 9 – Start about 08:40 UTC. Conclusion of experiment about 16:20 UTC

**UPDATE** June 8
Several reports of "nothing heard" during the scheduled activation period today. Crew marked event active during the indicated time. Guess the issue may not be apparent to them.