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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Techically interesting image

This image is not the highest quality one we have received but it is very interesting from a technical standpoint. This image was captured by PY4ZBZ and had a time stamp of 0926 UTC. It shows the edge of the Earth illuminated by the sun that has just risen over the horizon. Most of the Earth is still in darkness at this time. ARISSat-1 should have become illuminated about 0911 UTC. Given the time necessary for the system to activate and clear the safety timer (about 14 minutes) the earliest transmission would have been about 0925 UTC. That probably means this is one of the first images the on board cameras took shortly after entering sunlight. The image was then transmitted just after the transmitter went active and subsequently captured by a ground station (PY4ZBZ). Okay, a little luck played into all that technical execution but it is still fascinating knowing what went into capturing this image as ARISSat-1 transitioned across the terminator at an acute angle.