Friday, November 19, 2021

December MAI experiment

 Planning for a couple of Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) SSTV experiment sessions are in work and targeting December 1 and 2. The targeted times are currently listed below but subject to change.

December 1 – Start: 12:10 UTC. Stop: 19:10 UTC

December 2 – Start: 11:40 UTC. Stop: 17:20 UTC

Expected SSTV mode is their traditional PD120 and images will be transmitted on 145.800 MHz. 

**UPDATE - Nov 29**

Looks like the times have shifted a little bit.

December 1 – Start: 12:25 UTC. Stop: 18:45 UTC

December 2 – Start: 12:00 UTC. Stop: 18:05 UTC

**UPDATE - Nov 30**

EVA on Nov 30 has been delayed until Dec 2. This eliminates Dec 2 as a possible transmission day for SSTV. Awaiting info for additional changes.

**UPDATE - Dec 1**

SSTV activated a bit late but heard over Europe around 13:00 UTC. Crew schedule confirms MAI will not be active on Dec 2.