This site will be the focal point for some of the best SSTV images received during Oct 2008 and beyond. Images will be downlinked by ISS on 145.800 MHz. To view some of the received images transmitted from the ISS check out the following Gallery Website . You may also submit images at that website as well.

In addition to SSTV image receptions, reports of planned amateur radio activity using SSTV will be provided.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Feb ARISS SSTV recap

The first 24 hours or so had very low signal strength from ISS. Crew was asked to check the setup and nothing appeared out of the ordinary. A reboot of the system yielded no change. The next day the crew member rechecked all the connections and feed lines. Somewhere in that process the signal returned to normal levels. Below is a link to DK3WN's website where he has examples of all 12 images that were sent from the ISS.

All 12 images captured by DK3WN