Tuesday, March 31, 2015

SSTV in April for Cosmonautics day

The Russian ARISS team will be activating SSTV from the ISS service module as part of the celebration related to Cosmonautics Day. The setup of the hardware starts at 10:00 UTC on April 11 and activation should occur soon afterwards.  The transmissions are currently scheduled to conclude at 21:30 UTC that same day. The transmissions should be active world wide on the standard down-link of 145.800 MHz.
More information on Cosmonautics day is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmonautics_Day.

**UPDATE** April 7
ARISS Russia coordinator has stated that the event will operate on April 12 as well during the same 10:00-21:30 UTC time frame. 

**UPDATE** April 9
The Russian crew plan for the weekend has been updated and if I am reading it properly, SSTV will setup starting at 10:00 UTC on April 11 with control checks at 21:30 on April 11 and 08:45 UTC on April 12 then shutdown at 21:30 UTC on April 12. That will provide about 35 hours of continuous operation.