Monday, November 27, 2023

MAI-75 SSTV targeting Dec 7 and 8

Now that the SSTV system in the Service Module appears to be back in working order, it looks like MAI will have some SSTV on Dec 7 and 8 during Moscow passes. The current periods of planned activity are:

Setup and activate Dec 7 about 08:55 UTC
Turn off Dec 7 about 14:25 UTC
Activate Dec 8 about 08:15 UTC
Turn off and tear down Dec 8 about 14:10 UTC

These should be the standard PD120 format transmitting with gaps of 2 minutes and using 145.800 MHz.

Reminder - No ARISS award will be available for this session since it is not transmitted globally (just a few of the daily orbits) .

**UPDATE** Nov 28.

It appears the theme for this session will highlight one of MAI's cosmonaut graduates - Yuri Usachov.

**UPDATE** Dec 7.

Several stations reporting nothing heard and the event time is concluded. Hoping that they resolve the issue and have better luck tomorrow.